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Implant Technology
Modern dental implants are based on a biological process called osseo-integration which expresses the integration of materials like titanium firmly with the bones. Initially an implant is placed into the bone and then the implant integrates with the bone, after that a dental prosthesis is applied on top of this.
Why StandartDent ?
StandartDent delivers its products and services with a fast and reliable distribution network mainly in Istanbul, all across Turkey. Our company supplies Implant, Prosthetic and Regenerative products. Having adopted the principle of punctual and perfect delivery, it was already a leader within the sector in 2010.

All the contracts made and all the products purchased can be followed online by the practitionerssimultaneously, status of many activities such as current accounts can also be monitored easily on our online system specially developed for the practitioners.
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Literatureand Training Programs
Information regarding our organisations for Literatureand Training Programswill be given on our website.
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